How does a Gold IRA function? Here’s how to create a Gold IRA.

Don’t Leave Your Retirement at the Will of Governments and Banks

What would it be like to own an investment that has outperformed 400% of the stock market? You would have the exact same thing if your gold had been purchased a decade ago. Many analysts think that gold at its current price is still undervalued despite the fact it has gone up over 500% since 1999. Some experts believe gold could rise further by as much as 50%. On gold ira handbook you can learn more.

Despite being one of market’s most performing areas, this is only part of the story.

Is Value and Security

As the national deficit ceiling rises and dollar strength decreases, so does the gold price. Today, the government’s total debt is at an all-time high. The truth is, the dollar is no longer considered a storage for wealth. However, gold has been a safe place for wealth for more than five thousands years.

What Does It Mean to Be a Goldman?

Nature’s hard assets are gold and silver. Gold isn’t susceptible to devaluations and dilution like other paper assets. It is not subject to the control of financial institutions or governments. In fact gold tends to follow the trend of stocks historically. Even through the worst periods of economic history, gold has outperformed both the stock and gold markets.

Gold isn’t able to printed like money. It won’t ever merge with or be split, unlike stocks. Gold has been the traditional store of wealth since the beginning. If you are looking to build your nest egg, gold could be a good option.

Why Your Advisor Won’t Recommend You Invest in Precious Metals

Financial advisors are not licensed to recommend securities that are publicly traded. Some financial advisors may suggest precious metal Exchange Traded Funds and mining stocks that allow them to benefit from the growth occurring in the precious materials market. They might recommend investing in precious materials instead.

Unfortunately, investing into ETFs and mining stock is not the same thing as investing precious metals. Precious Metals are tangible assets. ETFs are just like any other type of paper asset. They are subject to the volatility of stock markets, inflations, corporate earnings, and fraud.