Finding Wholeness-The Balance of Feminine Energy and Masculine Power

The beginning of the year, or a decade new to us is an excellent time to look at ourselves.

Each of us has a combination of masculine energy and feminine energy in an active state.

Male energies tend to be linear, oriented towards goals and mentally focused. Visit this site feminine energy masculine energy.


Feminine energies have a circular shape, are concerned with feelings and emotions and expand the mind.

It is possible to shift paradigms by viewing these energies not as gender-specific but as how God has created consciousness. Playing with consciousness means that there is a constant pulsing of contraction and expansion. This pulsation can be felt in everyday life. This pulsation happens in all of our cells.

If you reject cultural prejudices associated with these energies, and stop labeling them, you will reduce the energy to its purest form. Once you are able to operate on the spiritual plane, then your vision and perception will be enhanced.

This process can involve journaling and contemplating how you manifest these energy sources in your life. What tendencies do you have when dealing with your family and work issues? Every context is different, so we each have our own mix. However, distinctive patterns emerge when you start to be aware and articulate these.

You can live a fulfilling life when you balance your energies after exploring and discovering your patterns.

It is likely that you have your own preferences about the way in which you live. Habits are a part of our lives. Question is: “Are these habits serving you in the most positive way?” This is where you need to reflect on your own self. If this is not the case, it’s up to YOU to find ways to harness that undeveloped or suppressed power in order for yourself to become integrated. If you are prone to relying more on emotions to make decisions than you do on rational analysis, bringing the mind into play can help you integrate. It is your invitation to integrate all of these energies and create a divinely synced pulsation.

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