Gold-IRAs: Invest in Physical Gold

A gold IRA allows for physical investment in gold. The traditional IRA allows only for investments in stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Read more now on gold for IRA investment.

Traditional and Roth gold IRAs exist. Roth gold IRAs use after-tax dollars to fund them, whereas traditional gold IRAs utilize pre-tax dollars.

If you choose to invest in a physical gold IRA you will be purchasing actual gold coins and bars. They must be kept in a depository that is secure, and they must also meet other requirements to retain the tax benefits.

Gold IRAs: Why Invest?

There are many reasons to invest in a Gold IRA.

Multiplier: As a noncorrelated asset, gold does not fluctuate in the same manner as bonds and stocks. Diversifying your portfolio can reduce your risks.
A hedge against inflation: Historically, gold has been an effective hedge. It is because gold has an intrinsic value and is a tangible.
Gold IRAs have the same tax advantages that Roth IRAs and traditional IRAs. It means you can postpone taxes on your investment until you take them out in retirement.
Open a Gold IRA

Find a custodian offering this account type to open a Gold IRA. Comparing the fees and services of different custodians is important before selecting one.

After you choose a trustee, you must fund your account. If you want to contribute new money, then either roll over your traditional or Roth IRA funds or make a contribution.

After your account has been funded, it is time to purchase gold. The custodian can help you with this or an independent dealer.

The Bottom Line

A gold IRA is a great way to protect assets and diversify retirement funds. Do your homework before opening an account. Understand the risks, and pick a custodian you trust.

Below are some things you should consider when deciding on a gold-based IRA.

Storage costs: Either to a custodian of a third-party seller, you’ll need to pay for the storage of your gold.
Gold costs: Both the seller and the buyer charge fees for buying and selling.
The risk of investing in Gold: As a highly volatile commodity, gold’s price is subject to significant fluctuations.
You should carefully consider the benefits and risks before deciding to invest in a Gold IRA. To get advice, you should consult a financial planner.

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