Eyelid Plastic Surgery Facts

The first thing that comes to mind when most people consider cosmetic procedures are common procedures like liposuction, or breast lifts. Some people choose eyelid surgery instead of a facelift to have a more youthful look. Understanding the procedure will allow you to decide if you would benefit from it. As you age, the daily stress and pull of gravity can cause your eye area to sag. The lines and sagging skin around the eye area can make you look older and tired. Eyelid surgery smooths these lines and removes the excess skin.

The procedure can be used for many cosmetic imperfections around the eyes. Patients usually turn to their doctor for help in dealing with loose or flabby skin, as well as the folds created by this on the top eye. Sometimes, these folds can become so large as to interfere with an individual’s sight. This procedure also helps to eliminate fatty deposits, which can make the eyes look puffy. The procedure can also reduce the appearance of bags beneath the eyes, and the drooping in the lower area. Fine wrinkles below the eye can also be reduced through eyelid cosmetic surgery.

You’re likely to be a good candidate if you possess healthy facial tissues and have realistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure. Doctors also advise that patients refrain from smoking, maintain a positive perspective on life and not suffer from any serious eye disorders. Before undergoing any procedure, you should discuss with your surgeon whether or not you have an eye problem.