Portuguese Water Dog Puppy is a Wonderful Pet

Portuguese Water Dogs have a great temperament and are very loyal. These dogs exhibit a friendly and calm temperament. They’re also very affectionate. While this dog is usually obedient to commands and always willing, it also has a sense of fun and enjoys the attention. You can get the Best Purebred Portuguese water dog puppies in this sites.

This breed can be easily taught, is brave, intelligent and highly intelligent. Portuguese water dog puppies will learn your commands quickly and want to be active. Your Portuguese Water Dog will happily obey you if your authority is calm and consistent. Be aware that they can be very smart and will want to take over if they don’t feel like you have the same level of intelligence as them.

They will get along great with any other animal. If you own a cat, it is best to let them get to understand your feline friend to avoid conflict. But with all the other animals you should have no problems.

Portuguese water dog puppies, in particular, are known to be active chewers. Be sure to always have something for your puppy’s chewing pleasure.

Portuguese Water Dogs are medium sized dogs as adults. They can have coats that range in texture from curly to tight. It can be black, white, or gray.

Because they are often in the water and spend much of their time there, their feet have more web between them than those of other dog breeds.

This breed may be susceptible to PRA or hip dysplasia. Portuguese Water Dog puppies must be tested to determine if they have GM-1 Storage Disease. This is a fatal disease that will affect a dog when it reaches six months. Healthy pets can be expected to live 10 to 14 years.

This breed is great for people with allergies because it sheds a minimum of hair. Portuguese Water Dogs do not shed as much, and their coat grows slower.

You can expect your male dog to grow between 20 to 22 inches and weight 42-45 lbs. The female will grow from 17 to 22 inches in height and between 35 to 50 pounds.

Even though this apartment might be a bit big for an apartment dog, it’s okay if your give them regular exercise. You will find that it is quite active and would prefer to stay in your apartment rather than the backyard.

A Portuguese Water Dog is a fantastic addition to the family. Be sure to take into consideration all of its characteristics before deciding to add one to the household.