Tips on Choosing the Right Livingroom Sofa

This quick guide contains tips and tricks to help you pick the right living-room sofa. A new sofa is the most significant furniture purchase we will make. Whatever your budget, it is worthwhile to do your research before you go shopping. Find quality items or furniture on

Make sure to measure your living area in order to determine the correct size. Also, make sure you try cushions with different fillings. Ask these questions:

o Is your seat and arm height appropriate?

o Does the sofa’s cushion give way when you lift it?

o Are the seams neat and well-finished


Check out which fabrics are available, and in what price brackets. Ask about the fabric’s durability and how easy it can be cleaned. The cleaning code label on each fabric will tell you how to clean spots and stains.


A good construction will use hand-tied coiledsprings. This reduces the chance of warping. However, there are many other good constructions. Stability is the key. Sofas need to be solid and heavy. Make sure the frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood. It should be glued and screwed together.


Traditional cushions were made with down. This required constant plumping. Nowadays, synthetic and down are common. It has the benefit that it retains the shape better than all-down. It’s also softer than all synthetic stuffing. For a comfortable seat, cushions should be 24 to26 inches deep. Tall people can use a pillow to rest their backs.


Semi-custom deals offer the best deals. Semi-custom sofas can be purchased from large retailers, online catalogs, or from the internet. You then choose a fabric from among the various options offered by the manufacturer. The custom sofa allows you to get furniture that fits your needs and can be made in any material you choose. They can be more costly than off-the-shelf furniture and can take longer to deliver.