Yacht Buyer’s Broker

It can be difficult to choose a yacht broker. There are many of us. How do you make a good decision? You will find some tips on how to choose the best one for you.

The yacht buyer’s agent will say that we are middlemen, but this is a modest portrayal. A yacht buyer’s agent is a tightrope walker who must present the best possible presentation to potential buyers. One mistake could ruin our reputation. Top yacht buyers brokers, those in the industry as a profession and not part-timers, understand that people who enjoy time on the boat haven’t purchased their last vessel. Read more now on yacht broker mallorca

The yacht broker will expect that the buyer of the used boat may return at a later date to receive another check. This broker will do his best to complete the job, regardless of the compelling moment that might tempt others to compromise quality in order to close the deal. We do not sell to a single person on a one-time basis; we prefer repeat business. We build long-term partnerships.

You can use several methods to find a yacht broker that you can trust. You can look for local wisdom, as any experienced captain will tell you. Look for yacht owners who have worked with a broker in the past and have great things to say about him or her. This is a very good proposal. Join a Facebook group for cruising, such as the Atlantic Powerboat Club, or Live Aboard Boats. You’ll find many helpful people there. Ask marine yards and other professionals in the field for advice. Yacht brokers handle individuals’ money. They give advice to individuals – on the business world, boats, or a specific yacht. You can search the internet for brokers who offer a buyer service. A few days later, ask the broker about any references they have provided in the past. If a broker owns a boat, you’ll know that he knows a lot about boats. Many yacht brokers have never owned a boat or do not own one. Send an email to a yacht broker and see how quickly he/she replies. In a few days, call the broker to follow up on your email. Emails can lose their purpose when they are sent into cyberspace. Be aware of the time it takes to get a yacht broker back on the phone. Try to meet the yacht broker up close and see if you can form a relationship. Do you both like each other? Would you be able to work together in partnership?

If a meeting with the broker is not possible, I would welcome a long telephone conversation to try to get to know him. Ask the yacht broker to describe in detail his system for locating vessels. If he doesn’t, he will be winging it. We created a 10-step process that works every time.

You should also use a broker who has a thorough understanding of the type of boat that you are looking for.

What can the buyer expect from a broker who represents yacht buyers? You can expect to be asked about your wants and needs if you hire a yacht broker who will assist you in the search. We do it this way. We will show you a variety of yachts that are similar to the vessel you want. You may be surprised to find that there are yachts available that are even more similar to the vessel you desire. The yacht broker should also verify that the yachts they present to you are affordable, both in terms of price and your ability to operate them safely.

We make sure that the seller honors the contract. The deposit is held in an escrow account by first class yacht brokers. Florida law requires this. If you assume that, then you will have enough time to find a surveyor who can inspect the vessel. We hold your deposit in an escrow account during this time and do not mix it with other funds.

We have an obligation as a yacht broker to protect you from fraud, misrepresentation, and unethical practice.

A yacht broker can’t tell a buyer of a used boat what he does not know. The boat seller has a duty to disclose to us any issues that have been identified with the vessel. We always try to find out these things. You should expect an honest response when you ask if the yacht has any problems, but you must also question. In our sales document, we mention marine surveys, financing, sea trials, and inventory exclusions. If your marine surveyor finds a reason to back out of the sale, your deposit will be promptly refunded. My job is to ensure that this happens. It is also my responsibility to check if the yacht has no liens, which could be a deal-breaker.

We will inform the buyer about two dates: the acceptance date and the boat’s closing date. The acceptance date is when the financing and marine survey are due to be completed. At that time, the buyer has to accept or reject the offer. The agreement is complete when the money has been paid. The yacht buyer’s agent can become a valuable asset in the boat-buying process.

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